Wednesday, 8 January 2014

KC without cooker hob n built in oven?? :P

Assalamualaikum wbt

hai..salam maghrib..semangat nk share KC ummi yg xseberapa ni...KNS dtg ms sabtu 4 jan 2014 tu..ummi kt pusrawi je yg p tgk umah...dorg dtg pasang half day..n sambung pasang on monday :)


jom tgk pic utk dry KC dulu ye

here they come :)

dry KC before installation

dry KC the whole part

upper part for dry KC
ni close up sinki kt dry KC - b4 dh siap kc xdan nk snap :)

bottom part for dry KC without built in oven...not yet buy :p
wet KC before installation

wet KC without cooker hob yg dicuri indon tuuuu

upper part for my wet KC..panjang kan..requested from abi

bottom part of wet KC

dish rack for my wet KC sbb limited space kat area table top suke..kami cost: 6395 without tabletop

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